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Meet the Music Friends (5 group classes)

Meet the Music Friends will provide your child with an introduction to music and the piano for 3 - 5 year olds.  This class moves quicker than Music for Little Mozarts Level One (below).  The class consists of a series of five group lessons that include singing, listening, movement, rhythm activities, and beginning activities at the keyboard.  The lessons center around the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart mouse, characters who live in the piano classroom of a music store, as they learn about music.  

After completing the five lessons, students may begin with their own private piano lessons. (Children must be potty trained).  

55 minute class.  Ages: 3 - 5 
Meets once per week.  Morning/afternoon
Capacity: 4 - 6 

Our next class will begin in January 2018.  Until then please fill out the registration form so we can contact you with the dates.

Music for Little Mozarts Level One (10 group classes)

This group class takes a slower approach than Meet the Music Friends class above.  It consists of 10 sequential lessons for ages 3 - 5 including singing, listening, movement and rhythm activities to bring out the music in every young child.  Level one is a comprehensive approach to music learning that includes singing, listening, structured and expressive movement, rhythm activities, playing classroom instruments, and visual representations of notation.  The musical experiences in Classroom Music for Little Mozarts address the National Standards for Music Education for young children, and also off opportunities to link music to other curriculum areas in the classroom.  

After completing level one your child may begin with piano lessons or move to level two group class. There are three level of classes for this series. (children must be potty trained)

45 minute class.  Ages 3 - 5
Meets once per week.  Morning/afternoon
Capacity:  4 - 6

Our next class will begin January 2018.  Until then please fill out the registration form so we can contact you with the dates.

We will be adding more classes as registrations fill.  Please tell your friends!

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