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YES!  You have finally found a place to take your toddler, preschooler and kindergartner to begin PRIVATE music lessons!!!!  Share with your friends.

 : Ada Piano Academy, piano
Ada Piano Academy, piano
 : Ada Piano Academy, piano
Ada Piano Academy, piano
 : Ada Piano Academy, violin
Ada Piano Academy, violin
 : Ada Piano Academy, piano
Ada Piano Academy, piano

We have been trilled to teach kiddos ages 2 to 6 years old private music lessons since 2004. They are such a fun age group and are so EXCITED about music and learning things that it is a PERFECT age to start.  We have lots of off-the-bench things to learn, music and movement, listening games, singing, rhythms, and playing real instrument with real books and assignments.  

Kids have a rewarding experience! It's exciting! 

Photos:  Joni began with piano lessons while he was 4 years old. He zoomed through effortlessly with four lesson books in less than two years.  He is now going into 7th grade.  He has continued to play the piano accomplishing another 6 lesson books.  In 6th grade he played the clarinet in band and changing to saxophone for 7th grade.  His younger brother began piano lessons when he was only 3 years old and has accomplished 5 lesson books.  Both brothers have performed in countless concerts and just love to perform.  How long will your child stay and how many instruments do they want to learn?

Joni's mom writes: "I have wanted to write to you to tell you that he really enjoys playing piano. One day he told me “mommy, I love piano”..I had never heard that from him before. I always had to explain to him why he had to go to piano…Now I find him practicing all by himself.  Actually he has gotten to the point where he knows more than I do. I really enjoy listening to him. His brother (3 years old) has been excited to finally been old enough to begin piano lessons with you." - Bertha B., Grand Rapids, MI


Monday - Thursday:  10am - 9pm

Ada Piano AcademyDevelopment is WAY beyond what we would have imagined. Thank you for all that you do.

"We spoke to a few music teachers when Derek was 4 years old.  We were told to wait until he was 7 or 8 to start with lessons.  We knew we wanted him to be exposed to music, we just were not sure what was the correct age.  When we got your letter offering to teach at a younger age, we were very excited.  We could not be happier with Derek's progress.  We did not have expectations as we did not play instruments. His development is "WAY" beyond what we would have imagined. Thank you for all that you do." 
-Mark and Dinah M., Lowell, MI

Violin Lessons in Ada, Grand Rapids Michigan at Ada Piano AcademyQuickly she had him recognizing notes and playing songs.

"I have had a very positive three year experience taking my children to piano lessons at Ada Piano Academy.  My son was only 4 years old when he started lessons and I was surprised at how quickly she had him recognizing notes and playing songs.  She makes it a fun experience for the kids and is creative with ways to keep them interested and excited to attend lessons.  I highly recommend lessons at Ada Piano Academy!"
Sara S, Grand Rapids, MI


Kindergarten piano lesson in Ada, Grand Rapids MIPRE-K PIANO (for ages 3 -6): Our master instructor will teach your child how to play black keys, white keys, music theory and note reading with ease at their own pace.  We use a very age appropriate piano series written by preschool and music instructors.  

Your child will begin learning on the black keys and white key letter names. Within 1 to 5 months (other students may take longer/shorter) when they will learn to read music notation on the music staff.  We balance piano skills with ear training and interval recognition.  Your child will use fun solo books within the second month (optional).  
Ada Piano Academy

VIOLIN/CELLO (for ages 3 - 6):  Your child will be given an easy violin method book.  Learning to hold the instrument, holding the bow, posture, note reading, music terms, tone and fingering technique, all age appropriate.  Our string lessons will incorporate ear training, pitch development and tuning.  We do not recommend purchasing an instrument as your child will be growing.  We recommend renting one from your local music store.  Your academy instructor will assist you in renting recommendations.
Kindergarten Guitar Lessons in Ada, Grand Rapids MIGUITAR/UKELELE (for ages 5 and 6)Our kindergarten guitar/ukelele lessons are geared towards the young 5 and 6 years old.  Your child will begin from a simple, easy guitar book which will teach them proper holding position, fingerings, music terms and note reading.  Your child will begin learning songs right away.  We teach note reading first before learning chords.  Your academy instructor will assist you purchasing your instrument.

for the gifted toddlers!

Ada Piano AcademyPRE-INSTUMENTAL (ages 2 - 3):  We have a fun private music lesson experience for your youngest child!  Our lessons are 20 minutes where your child will have a one-on-one private lesson. They will conduct their favorite music choices with our master instructor who is warm, friendly and fun. Your child will sing, dance, clap, tap, play hand held small instruments, music theory, color, and basic piano to make the transition to one of the above instruments with ease.  (if not potty trained we ask that a parent/care giver remain in the wait room).  Parents do not have to attend the lesson.

Ada Piano AcademyIf you are ready to start, you have nothing to lose as we only want students who truly want to be here and we will not commit you to a long term contract.
It's easy to take the next step:
Lessons are first come, first served so contact us today to arrange your first lesson.
  6249 Adacroft Drive SE, Ada, MI 49301
(Between Ada Drive and Adacroft Drive)

(Between Ada Christian School and Forest Hills Central Middle off Ada Drive)

Sign up today by calling 616-682-2455 

One student may take up to two instruments during one lesson session/one teacher

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