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Kingergarten piano lessons in Ada, Grand Rapids MI at Ada Piano Academy
At age 4, this little girl named Lillian, found the joy of creating her own music by enrolling in Violin and Piano Lessons.  She felt so valued and special by her instructor that it was easy to learn and move at her own pace.  She diligently worked on strengths and interests and soon learned that piano was her focus point.  Three years later, Lillian has completed 3.5 piano books and many solo books. She has excelled in building self-confidence, self-motivation, patience, self-expression, and a love for music like no other. She has performed in many concert and includes her mom in playing duets.  Week after week, Lillian attends her lessons super excited to learn more.  She LOVES her Piano teacher, Ms. Betz, and feels so special and cared about; just like family.  That's why we are here, to give Lillian a safe place to explore and create her innermost musical talents.  What a joy and privilege it has been to watch her grow musically year after year! It has been so neat to watch her teeth fall out and have her grow taller and taller, smarter and smarter, right in front of our eyes.  We cannot wait to see what Lilian will learn each week; she is just a super sweet gal.

Does this sound like something you are looking for in your son/daughter's musical journey? We would love to help make your child into a little star.  It's easy. Get your child started today? 

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Success Stories from our academy parents!

Development is WAY beyond what we would have imagined. Thank you for all that you do.

We could not be happier with Derek's progress.  We did not have expectations as we did not play instruments. His development is "WAY" beyond what we would have imagined. Thank you for all that you do." Mark and Danah M., Lowell, MI

Ms Betz has been an amazing teacher.  I am extremely pleased with how well my 5 year old daughter both plays and understands the music after only 8 months of lessons.  Ms. Betz is a very caring and patient teacher and my daughter looks forward to her lesson every week." - Heather T., parent, Ada, MI

What you gain as an academy student:

The process of learning effective practice skills aids in developing patience. Creating many smiles and happy moments as you learn to play music.  Learn Piano, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Oboe, Pre-K, Sinigng, Recorder and many more. You may even take two instruments within one lesson saving you time and money.    

Creativity and Self-Expression
piano instruction in ada, grand rapids mi 
From age 2 to adults you can learn to play an instrument with success and ease. Music study provides a forum for communicating feelings and using imagination for creative endeavors. Picture your child with huge smiles upon their faces and so can you!   

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Photo below:  Judah has been taking piano lessons since he was in kindergarten.  Five years later, he has completed 8 piano lesson books and many, many fun solo material of which he chose.  Judah enjoys memorizing some of his pieces and performing in our free concerts.  His newest conquest is using the academy's latest gaming app which offers him over 2,500 song/exercise and 50 method books free.  His face says it all!

Music Lessons for the entire family in Ada, Grand Rapids

FREE extras! 
pianoHow about going home with all the correct information needed to practice successfully for 6 days?  We are here to help you every step of the way. You will receive a free weekly practice sheets, free 24/7 assistance, free practice techniques, free computer music lab, free instrument evaluations, free conferences, free recitals, free certificates, free rewards, free prizes, etc.  Students even have access to our free apple ipad practice gaming app (worth $59.99) while home or during your lesson.  You will also have free UNLIMITED PRIVATE make up lessons (June - August) so you can go on vacations!  

So, what is stopping you from scheduling your lesson today?


Confidence and Poise
Kindergarten piano student in Ada, Grand Rapids MI at Ada Piano Academy
Frequent performances help you develop confidence and poise that will be useful in dealing with many situations in life.  Be proud of your child and encourage them to perform in our concert performances three times per year.  All concerts are free to perform in and free to attend; no hidden charges.  Students pick their own pieces to perform and learn how to put on a concert. 


The coordination of both small and large muscles is strengthened through instrumental playing.

Kids have a rewarding experience! It's exciting! 

Photos:  Joni began with piano lessons while he was 4 years old. He zoomed through effortlessly with four lesson books in less than two years.  He is now going into 7th grade.  He has continued to play the piano accomplishing another 6 lesson books.  In 6th grade he played the clarinet in band and now plays alto saxophone in his school concert and jazz bands.  His younger brother began piano lessons when he was 3 and has accomplished 5 lesson books.  Both brothers have performed in countless concerts and just love to perform.  How long will your child stay and how many instruments do they want to learn?

Joni's mom writes: "I have wanted to write to you to tell you that he really enjoys playing piano. One day he told me “mommy, I love piano”..I had never heard that from him before. I always had to explain to him why he had to go to piano…Now I find him practicing all by himself.  Actually he has gotten to the point where he knows more than I do. I really enjoy listening to him. His brother (3 years old) has been excited to finally been old enough to begin piano lessons with you." - Bertha B., Grand Rapids, MI


pre-K pianoConcentration

The study of music lessons fosters concentration that can carry over into learning other subjects.

Self-Esteem and Satisfaction
As musical skills are developed, students feel a strong sense of satisfaction in their progress and develop a feeling of self-esteem that transfers to other situations in life. Therefore, as long as you are taking private lessons at the Academy, you may contact our Director of Music/Owner with any questions 24/7.  It is all about you!  We want you to succeed, be encouraged and inspired to play an instrument.

Perseverance and Commitment

The demands of music study teach children/adults to develop a commitment to projects and follow them through to completion.

Fun and Relaxing

Violin Lessons in Ada, Grand Rapids Mi at Ada Piano AcademyPlaying a musical instrument and listening to music is FUN!  These skills can provide hours of entertainment and relaxation throughout one's entire life.

Ages 2 - adults

Summer Hours

10am - 9pm Monday - Thursday
(Friday (10am - 7pm)/Saturday (10am - noon) will open end of August 2017)

Located in the heart of Forest Hills
Guitar Lessons in Ada, Grand Rapids Mi at Ada Piano Academy 
Due to its central location, our school is convenient to all areas of the Forest Hills school district. Close to our school you will find many popular neighborhoods off Ada Drive and 1.5 miles from the Village of Ada.  We have students from Ada Vista, Ada Elementary, Thornapple, Pine Ridge, Meadowbrook, Knapp Forest, Northern, Eastern, Central Woodland, Goodwillie, Collins, Ada Village and many other schools.

One student may take up to two instruments during one lesson session/one teacher
No semester contracts

HOURS (by appointment only)

Monday - Thursdays:  10am - 9pm
Friday/Saturday (Sept - May only)

If you are ready to get started, you have nothing to lose as we only want students who truly want to be here.  Limited spots available; first-come-first-served.
It's easy to take the next step:
Lessons are first come, first served
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  6249 Adacroft Drive SE, Ada, MI 49301
(Between Ada Drive and Adacroft Drive)
               Please Note: please make an appointment to stop by
                    (Between Ada Christian School and Forest Hills Central Middle off Ada Drive)
For FOUR years we have been honored to be awarded with the 2013, 2014.  Best of Ada for piano lessons/instruction and 2015 /2016 Best of Ada for Music Schools.  We also have been selected top 10 Music Lessons from

Quality Music Lessons in Ada, Grand Rapids Mi at Ada Piano Academy Award
Quality Music Lessons in Ada, Grand Rapids Mi

Guitar Lessons Grand Rapids

2015 Best Music School Award

Offering quality music lessons in:
Piano - Keyboard - Guitar - Violin - Viola - Cello - Clarinet - Flute - Saxophone - Oboe - Bassoon -
Singing - Beg. Brass - Pre-Instrumental - Pre-K Music and more!
 Ages 2 - adults
Music Lessons Teachers
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