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Welcome to Ada Piano Academy in Ada, Grand Rapids Michigan.  We invite you to learn your favorite song in Piano - Violin - Guitar - Ukulele - Cello - Viola - Clarinet - Saxophone - Flute - Oboe - Bassoon - Beginning brass, Preschool and Kindergarten music lessons all in one location; year roundAges 2.5 years to adult.  If you value the best for your child and love personalized attention then you want to be one of our privileged students.  Come see you why hundreds of students have learned their favorite songs with us.

Read our '15 benefits to see if our music school is right for you.  

15 benefits why you should choose Ada Piano Academy

piano instruction in ada, grand rapids mi1.  Music Lessons Are All We Do - one location - year round
At APA, your music lessons are our business and for your entire family.  You can learn piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, saxophone, flute, oboe, bassoon, singing, beginning brass, pre-k lessons and much more.  Our #1 priority is providing you with a great private music lesson experience.  You can learn any instrument, any level, any style.  Beginners are welcomed!  Starting at age 3 to 100, it's never too early or too late to learn your favorite songs at Ada Piano Academy.

2.  We Welcome All Beginners
We love our beginning students!  The beginning stage of any private music lesson program is the MOST important part.  Don't forget that if your child is in beginning band or orchestra at their school, private lessons are very important.  Since we only provide music lessons, we can cater to your needs of getting the most out of your lessons right from the start.  We allow you to switch different instruments until you have found the one you enjoy; with free instrument evaluations while keeping your same instructor, day and time.  We will teach you the proper techniques, music theory, note reading and parts of the instrument right from the start.  You will also obtain free practice tricks so you can improve quickly and see results fast.

3.  Pre-K Private Music Program For Your Younger Child (ages 3 - 6)
piano lessons for kids ages 3 to 9, ada, grand rapids miYour children, ages 3 to 6, may enroll in our specialty Pre-K PRIVATE music program.  You won't find a music teacher who will teach your little one with success and ease anywhere else.  While other music studios say "no", we say "YES!".  Our Pre-K early learning program will give your children a head start in MUSIC, MATH and LIFE.  Parents LOVE this program because their children are learning to play/sing their favorite songs independently without having to take a class and share their time with others. And children LOVE our program because they are busy learning a real instrument all by themselves, learning their favorite songs, learning music terms in a fun way and just having a blast. Our Pre-K music students cannot wait to return each week to learn more.  Your child may study piano, violin, cello, ukulele, guitar, and singing in a fun, easy, and creative lesson time.  Lesson lengths can be 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes available.  Learn up to 2 instruments at once.

4.  Many Instruments and Lesson Times
best guitar lessons for kindergarten kids, age 5 - Ada, Grand RapidsWe know you are busy.  That is why we offer one location with many instruments.  No more running around town.  You can take piano, guitar, violin, cello, ukulele, clarinet, saxophone, flute, oboe, recorder, beginning brass, preschool, kindergarten and per-instrumental private lessons.  APA gives you the opportunity to try as many instruments as you wish without having to change teachers, lesson day/time or charging additional fees.    You may combine singing into your lesson or even study two instruments within your one lesson per week.  For your convenience, we are opened 5 days per week; 10am - 9pm by appointment only.

5.  Well established in Ada, Grand Rapids since 1983
Established since 1983, Ada Piano Academy is known to be one of the most qualified music lesson programs which area band directors, school music teachers, and student parents have been recommending for three decades.  We have worked hard to design a private music lesson program centered around the needs and wants of our music students dreams and diversified skill levels. Don't just take our word for it, read what our students and their parents say.  Visit our testimonial page.

6.  Music Lesson Qualities For High Achievers
At APA, we believe that studying music sharpens collaboration, creativity and discipline.  Music helps train you to think differently, to process different points of vision and to take pleasure in listening.  Studies have also proven that children taking music lessons also increase their brain development and increase reading, math, social skills and test taking.  Music is a universal language. Playing an instrument could sharpen the mind, according to a new study.

7.  Many FREE Added Benefits To Your Music Lesson
first chair violin player taking piano lessons in ada, grand rapids miWe offer you many FREE items while learning your favorite songs at APA.  From free WI-Fi, bottled water, weekly practice sheets, 24/7 assistance, practice techniques, computer music lab, instrument evaluations, conferences at any time, recitals, school/outside school try-outs, chair try-outs for band/orchestra, etc.  We have much to offer you that many other private lesson facilities don't and we won't charge you any extra fees.

8.  Two Concert Performance Opportunities For Your
Like no other in Ada, Grand Rapids, our concerts are FREE to all performers and guest.  Your participation in our bi-annual concerts are optional.  However, they are a great way for you to show off your children's talent to friends and family members.  Family members may also perform!  Your instructor will help you prepare for any concert you sign up for.  All students may participate, even our Pre-k students.  We have little fun extras for the younger students to take advantage of.  Our goal is to always make each student feel confidence, comfortable, have fun and leave with a smile on their face wanting to perform again. 

9.  Private Lessons Are Our Specialty
piano lessons in ada, grand rapids miPrivate, one-on-one music lessons, are a time honored tradition. They offer many advantages for you.  They provide great flexibility, are easy to schedule, and are available in a wide variety of instruments.  They also provide you the opportunity to advance at your own pace while learning your favorite songs.  And, private lessons are all we do.

10.  Year Round Lessons, Summer time too
Music lessons are offered year-round because that is the best way to learn music.  You won't have to worry about missing lessons during your summer vacation because APA has an awesome private make-up lesson policy June - August where other music facilities only offer group make ups with teachers that don't know your children and not individualized.

11.  Our Instructor Cares About You
Elementary guitar student singing along as she strums the guitar.  Ada, Grand RapidsAPA has had the privilege of keeping the same music instructor since 1983.  We do not hire other teachers, we like our students to grow musically with the same instructor for many years.  At other music facilities, you will find their teachers frequently being replaced or finding out you have a substitute music teacher for the week.  This is not the case at APA.   We specialize in limiting the number of students we teach so we can get to know you on a personal level.  We never use substitutes teachers. 

12.  24/7 Assistance While You Are At Home
We care about your music lesson experience and want you to learn your favorite songs faster.  Therefore, as long as you are taking private lessons at APA, you can contact us with any questions as many times as you wish.  Why?  We find that you will improve more quickly if we can help you fix any problems or remedy any of your questions throughout the week.  Even parents have 24/7  to our instructor as well.  It is all about you!

13.  Spacious Music Play Room 
siblings taking music lessons at Ada Piano Academy in Ada, Grand RapidsOften times, at other music facilities, private music lessons take place crammed in small rooms with many other lessons given at the same time which everyone can hear; noise everywhere.  Well, not at APA! We offer you the individualized setting where you are the only one taking a lesson in a quiet, well lite, colorful, spacious atmosphere.  Our music play room is located in the lower level with room enough for many music centers, three pianos, a computer music lab, area to dance and move around at all times.  We learn music in many different ways.

14.  Convenient Location and Hours For Your Busy Schedule
APA's location is convenient to the Ada, Grand Rapids Michigan areas.  We are two blocks from the SE Grand Rapids area and are 1.5 miles from the beautiful downtown Ada.  We are within 1 - 2 miles of Ada Elementary, Ada Vista, Ada Christian, Forest Hills Central Middle and High, Central Woodlands and a handful of preschools.  We cater to students in other surrounding areas as:  Lowell, Rockford, East Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Caledonia, and Hudsonville.  We are opened Monday - Friday; 10am - 9pm by appointment only.

15.  Month to Month Lessons
Kindergarten piano student performing in Ada, Grand Rapids MILessons are month to month with no long- term commitment.  Tuition is paid monthly.  Take lessons as long as you like, for as many years as you like.  To withdraw from lessons just give APA a 30 day withdrawal notice at the end of the month.  When beginning music lessons, please give a good 2 months before withdrawing to make a good judgement if lessons are for you.  It takes a little bit to get into a routine and we will help you every step of the way to your success.

We welcome you to try private music lessons for two months and look forwards to meeting you. 

Music lessons are fun, easy and rewarding at Ada Piano Academy!

Hours:                   By appointment only.  Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 9:00pm
preschooler having fun performing her favorite songs.  Ada, Grand RapidsAges:                    2.5 years old to adult
Instruments:          Piano - Guitar - Ukulele - Violin - Cello - Viola - Clarinet -                              Saxophone - Flute - Oboe - Bassoon - Recorder - Singing -
                             Pre Instrumental - Preschool and Kindergarten private lessons.
Location:              Off Ada Drive, 2 blocks from Forest Hills Central Middle school
Tuition:                 Begins at $25 to $62 per lesson (depending on lesson length)
Lessons Lengths:  10am - 2:30pm (20, 30, 40 or 60 minute lessons)
                             3pm - closing (30 and 60 minute lessons)
Registration:         $30 each, Max of $60 family. 3rd and 4th are FREE!
Family Discounts:  Yes!  Each week families receive a discount for each family member.
Tuition Assistance: Yes!  Everyone can earn referral money toward their monthly tuition.  We even give assistance to                                those in need, case-by-case.

                   It's easy to take the next step:
Lessons are first come, first served.

  6249 Adacroft Drive SE, Ada, MI 49301
               Please Note: please make an appointment to stop by
                    (Between Ada Christian School and Forest Hills Central Middle off Ada Drive)

20, 30, 40 or 60 minute lesson lengths
Lesson pricing starts at only $25 each lesson, depending on your lesson length
One-time registration fee of $30 for private lesson students (max. $60; 3rd is FREE!)
tuition is paid monthly using check, cash or bill pay
One student may take up to two instruments at a time free of charge
Hours:  Monday - Friday, 10am to  9pm;  by appointment only

piano lesson, beginner music lesson, guitar lesson, violin lesson
We were honored to be awarded with the 2013 Best of Ada for piano lessons/instruction. 

kindergartener having lots of fun performing violin for guest in ada, grand rapids

Offering fun and quality music lessons in Piano, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele, Cello, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Oboe, Recorder, Preschool, Kindergarten and Toddler pre-instrumental music lessons

Learn the songs YOU want to play!


Quality music lessons, music classes, in Grand Rapids and Ada Michigan.  Instruments of study:  Piano lessons, Keyboard lessons, Ukulele lessons, Violin lessons, Cello lessons, Guitar lessons, Clarinet lessons, Oboe lessons, Saxophone lessons, Recorder lessons, Kindergarten lessons, Preschool lessons, Pre-instrumental lessons, toddler music classes, Trumpet lessons, Adult lessons, and more!

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